Mallorca Bicycle Rescue

What is your plan if bike or body break down whilst you are out on the road in Mallorca?

With Mallorca Bicycle Rescue, if bike or body break down, policy holders are quickly taken to their choice of either:

  1. a local bike shop for repairs
  2. back to their place of accommodation
  3. back to where they hired their bike

The service is simple, effective and island wide, existing solely to help you have the best possible time when cycling in Mallorca. Don't let Murphy's Law spoil your visit!

Explore far and wide with confidence, secure in the knowledge that if your bike or body break down and you are unable to continue your journey, you will not be spending your valuable time at the roadside.

If your cycle partner wishes to come with you, they are welcome.

In Mallorca it is not simply a matter of calling a taxi if you break down as the complicated zoning laws define which taxi can go where.

Reserve your cover now.